Montie Eagle

Eagle-Glenn Farm

340 N. Middlesex Rd, Carlisle, PA 17013



Key Concepts


A collection of thoughts that I feel are important to any rider.

As you read them, think about how you can apply them to your riding.


You can’t get a horse clean with a dirty brush.


Always work from a position of strength. – Montie Eagle  

Ask the horse to do something when it is easiest for him to do it. Learn to coordinate your cues with the footfalls of the horse.



Remember to breathe….
(a favorite with at least ONE student!)


How you think
.....and what you say how you ride.



Look where you are going.
(important enough to list twice!)


Allow it to happen.


Look at your horse’s bit. If you don’t think it’s clean enough to put in your own mouth, don’t put it in his.



Would you drink out of your horse’s water bucket? If not, don’t ask him to do so.



The only silly question
is the one you don’t ask.